From the New York Times, here are this week’s win probabilities:

Pwin GAME Pwin
0.36 Miami at Kansas City 0.64
0.45 Atlanta at Indianapolis 0.55
0.17 Tampa Bay at New Orleans 0.83
0.32 Jets at Buffalo 0.68
0.19 Seattle at Dallas 0.81
0.15 Cleveland at Houston 0.85
0.44 San Francisco at Washington 0.56
0.34 Cincinnati at Tennessee 0.66
0.29 Denver at Oakland 0.71
0.37 Giants at New England 0.63
0.46 St. Louis at Arizona 0.54
0.52 Green Bay at San Diego 0.48
0.34 Baltimore at Pittsburgh 0.66
0.28 Chicago at Philadelphia 0.72

So, everybody was hyping the LSU versus Alabama. The number one ranked team in the country versus number two. The game was a snoozer.

Fred Jackson - Do you have him on your fantasy team?

New York Jets versus Buffalo Bills – Buffalo is doing a lot of things right. I like Buffalo in this game.

Seattle Seahawks versus Dallas Cowboys – I’m still flabbergasted over the extremely poor performance at Dallas put up on Sunday night. Seattle is beginning to play some football that is solid. It is that old cliché – don’t turn the ball over and you will win. The Dallas Cowboys must protect the football. If they don’t they will lose this game and their season. Look for Dallas to try to come up with ways to score early and often and then cruise to victory. The problem with Seattle is that they do not have a viable quarterback, yet.

Cleveland Browns versus Houston Texans – If Matt Schaub can take care of the ball, this game should be easily chalked up in the Houston Texans victory column. By the way, what’s with Peyton Hillis? I completely understand that football is a brutal sport. Players get hurt all the time but he seems to be particularly injury prone. If he cannot spend more time on the field look for Cleveland to let him go in the off-season. It is kind of sad. I think one could easily say that he was the heart and soul of this team. Your heart and soul cannot be on the bench for weeks at a time.

Atlanta Falcons versus Indianapolis Colts – I’m taking Atlanta, all day long. I guess, now would be a great time for me to once again asked the ownership of the Indianapolis Colts to return the season-ticket money to Indianapolis Colts season-ticket holders! Seriously!

Miami Dolphins versus Kansas City Chiefs – I wish there were something that I could say in support of the Miami Dolphins. I wish I could see a way for them to win this game but I can’t. I suspect that the Chiefs will come out and take care of business and win this one easily.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers versus New Orleans Saints – the New Orleans Saints offensive line was simply atrocious last week. There is simply no excuse especially against the St. Louis Rams. I look for the offensive line the play much better this week. Josh Freeman has had an up-and-down season so far. I’m going with the New Orleans Saints, at home.

San Francisco 49ers versus Washington Redskins – After the Redskins performance last week, it’s hard for me to figure out a way for them the win ball games. San Francisco is playing extremely well. Look for Frank Gore to easily run for over hundred yards. Alex Smith seems to have learned how to protect the football. I look for the 49ers to cruise to victory.

Afternoon Games
Denver Broncos versus Oakland Raiders – no matter who Oakland puts a quarterback, they’re going to play better than Tim Tebow. Darren McFadden will not play for the Raiders but I think the Raiders will figure out a way to generate enough offense to score at least 20 points. I don’t see how the Broncos match that.

Cincinnati Bengals versus Tennessee Titans – This is going to be an excellent football game. Tennessee is playing at home. Both teams are playing pretty well on defense. Cincinnati is playing fabulous on defense. I think this is going to be one of those hard-fought games. A turnover will decide who wins this one. I’m leaning towards the Titans at home.

St. Louis Rams versus Arizona Cardinals – Seriously? These are two teams that can’t find a victory. Kevin Kolb seems to have some serious problems with his accuracy. It is clear that he smart enough to play quarterback and understands the system but can’t seem to get it done. In spite of this, I’m leaning towards the Arizona Cardinals at home but this game is really a tossup.

New York Giants versus New England Patriots – Brandon Jacobs is starting at running back for the Giants. Two or three years ago, he was a bruising force in the league. Now, he seemed slow and plodding. Eli Manning needs to play a perfect game in order for the Giants to win. They are playing this game in Foxboro. I would truly love to see the Patriots lose two in a row but I just don’t see how the Giants can make it happen. Patriots.

Green Bay Packers versus San Diego Chargers – Green Bay is playing the way the Patriots did two or three years ago. They are just mowing down this league. I’m hoping that they haven’t peaked too soon. Green Bay is clearly the best team in the NFL. They play well on both sides of the football and I suspect they will continue their winning ways against the San Diego Chargers.

Sunday Night Football
Baltimore Ravens versus Pittsburgh Steelers – In week one, Baltimore delivered a stinging defeat to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Pittsburgh has now had two months to fix their problems. There clearly playing their best football of the year. Baltimore hasn’t played as well over the last several weeks. Baltimore can’t seem to find their stride and I think that’s because of the erratic play of Joe Flacco. I look for Ben Roethlisberger to continue to play the quick, short passing game. This will almost nullify the exotic blitz packages of the Baltimore Ravens. I simply believe that the Steelers are playing better football right now. Steelers.

Monday Night Football
Chicago Bears versus Philadelphia Eagles – There was a time when the best football games were placed on Monday night. That time is almost certainly long gone. The Bears must figure out a way to generate pressure on Michael Vick and stop the run of the Philadelphia Eagles. I’m not sure that they can do this on consistent basis. I look for the Eagles to continue their winning ways.