Today is Free Agent Day.  General Managers… grown men, can make some curious decisions based on hope. They are all hoping that these players can and will play hard.

suhNdamukong Suh goes to the Miami Dolphins. Over $100 million.

The craziness of today was epic. Darrelle Revis, an all- world cornerback who helped the Patriots win the SuperBowl, is out with the Patriots. He signed with the New York Jets. Really? Darrelle is getting $70 million for five years with $39 million guaranteed for three years.

Julius Thomas goes to the Jaguars. I’m not sure what this is about. Oh, it is about money. Julius is getting paid. I have no idea what the Jags are thinking.  Julius Thomas is not going to pull this team out of the basement.

Ngata leaves the Ravens for the Detroit Lions. I think that this is a great move for the Lions if Ngata still has some gas in the tank.

The team that seems to be moving in the right direction is the Colts. They get Frank Gore who I think has another two or three years of solid play. They may get Andre Johnson, which would be huge!!! Oh, Trent Cole jumped from the Eagles to the Colts.

Jimmie Graham goes to the Seahawks for Max Unger. Russell Wilson has to be happy about this.

The really, really craziest deal of the day was Nick Foles being traded to the St. Louis Rams for Sam Bradford. Bradford looks really good for about half of his rookie season. From my standpoint, he seems to be hurt a lot. He is very expensive as a first round pick. Nick Foles had a Cinderella season last year. He didn’t do much this year because of injury, but he has potential. Both these guys may wash out. They may both be great.

There is no real news from DeMarco Murray. I’m not sure what the Dallas Cowboys are doing. This season was the first time in over a DECADE in which the Cowboys didn’t disappoint. Murray has proved that he is a unique back. Yes, he has fumbling problems. He has also been hurt, but he plays hard. He seems to be a GREAT guy who everyone loves in the locker room. Jerry Jones – GET this done!!