Nowhere else do you see this type of unbridled craziness. You can only find it in the NFL. It is only in the NFL that you take a veteran quarterback like Peyton Manning and actually release him. The craziness of this particular move can only be understood if you’re both drunk and high or a delusional NFL football fan. Every year, for the last 10 or 15 years, right around draft time, people lose their minds. NFL fans, NFL owners, Scouts, everybody starts scrutinizing these young athletes. Everybody starts projecting their own hopes and wishes on these athletes.

The fact that the NFL combine is televised is simply crazy. It’s not just kind of crazy. It’s over-the-top nuts. Let’s just think about this for half a second. I’m supposed to spend some time sitting down watching these young athletes basically do calisthenics. Why? I don’t see how these “tests” translate into the ability to learn how to play in the NFL. If these tests were so good, if these tests were so accurate, why did Tom Brady fault of the sixth round of the NFL draft? Blaine Gabbert, how did he get drafted in the first round?

The problem is there are no guarantees in the NFL. Unless your name ends in Manning, there are no guarantees. I don’t care how good Andrew Luck looked in college, there are no guarantees. The fact that the Indianapolis Colts decided to give up on Peyton Manning and place all of their hopes in the unproven basket of Andrew Luck is nearly insane. I’m old enough to remember Ryan Leaf. He looked really good in college. Tim Tebow was drafted this first round? Seriously. Remember JaMarcus Russell, drafted in the first round? Where is he now? Vince Young, Matt Leinart and Jay Cutler were all drafted in the first round in 2006. Only Jay Cutler is a true NFL quarterback. The rest are washouts. My point is that all of this hype, all of this insanity is just that-insanity. No matter how great your talent is, unless you’re in the right system, with the right coaching and you work hard at it, you’re not going to succeed in the NFL.