I was standing in AT&T stadium watching an amazing thing. All year, I have been sitting in wonder as I watched the Cowboys. I have been waiting for the Dallas Cowboys to unwind, unravel and implode. On Thanksgiving Day, the Cowboys did collapse as promised. The Philadelphia Eagles ran all over the Cowboys. Mark Sanchez looked like a pro bowl quarterback. Tony Romo was truly awful on Thanksgiving and he said as much. He promised that he and the Cowboys would play better.

Lo and behold, the Cowboys have played better. They flew to England and took can of business against the lowly Jacksonville Jaguars. They then played the Eagles again with a much better outcome. This Eagle game was critical. The Cowboys got off to a fast start and then allowed the Eagles back in the game. Mark Sanchez and the Eagles had two of those fast paced patented Eagle drives that ended in touchdowns. Then, and this is key, Romo held the ball for far too long and gave up a sack-fumble. The Eagles scored another touchdown. The Cowboys, when faced with adversity like this in the past, have rolled over and played dead. Not this team. The Cowboys re-grouped and decided to play a little more football. They scored points. The defense pressured and sacked Sanchez. Instead of rolling over, they played their best football of the game. I was amazed.

kaleb and erri at cowboy gameI’m not sure what I saw yesterday as Andrew Luck and the Colts came into AT&T stadium. The crowd was loud, louder than I have ever heard at AT&T. The Cowboys got off to a quick start with a long soul-sucking drive. The Colts decided to go for it on 4th down deep in their own territory, midway thru the 1st quarter. The punter threw a nice ball to some dude that can only be described as Edward ScissorHands. I actually felt sorry for the guy. There was no excuse for dropping that pass. The Cowboys took the gift and quickly threw a beautiful touchdown to a leaping Dez Bryant in the end zone. Now, the party was on.

Dewey McDonald drops 1st qtr pass

Dewey McDonald drops 1st qtr pass

The more points we scored, the more nervous I got. I have seen the Cowboys collapse like a cheap card table. Cowboys have raised hopes of Cowboy fans only to crush those hopes and leave us mad and frustrated. Well, there was none of that yesterday. Tony Romo was almost perfect. The Colts stacked the line of scrimmage which made running difficult. This left Dez Bryant and the other receivers in beautiful one-on-one coverage. It also allowed Tony to pick their secondary apart. It was a beautiful thing to watch.

Now, the CowboyNation is talking about getting the #1 seed in the NFC. Seattle has helped the Dallas cause by winning yesterday. (I just don’t know how a team can take the field without a real NFL QB. Ryan Lindley of the Arizona Cardinals was 18/44, 0 tds, 1 int for a QB rating of 47.2. That’s truly awful.) Now, the Cowboys have to beat Washington and Seattle has to lose to Rams for the Cowboys to be the #1 seed in the NFC. To me the Cowboys seem to play well on the road. (I would rather not go to Green Bay in January!!!) I’m amazed. Let’s do this. Now, the Cowboys have this hashtag – #FinishTheFight