Dallas Cowboys: 2014 season will be epic

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If you are a Dallas Cowboys fan, as I am, this could be really, really ugly. Unless you are the most delusional football fan, it’s hard to see how the Dallas Cowboys are going to put together a season worth watching. Last year, there were two pivotal football games that really showed Cowboy fans exactly how the season was going to go. First, back in week five, the Dallas Cowboys played the Denver Broncos. Although Tony Romo in the Dallas offense really did put up a valiant effort, this game should be etched in the memory banks of all Dallas Cowboys fans for its defensive performance. Yes, Peyton Manning and the offense put up jaw-dropping numbers (33/42 four 414 passing yards, four touchdowns and one interception). If you go back and look at our defensive performance, the Dallas Cowboys had no sacks. Not one. Sure, Peyton Manning is one of the best in the business. The Dallas Cowboys defense looked amazingly bad. With no pressure, the whole secondary was exposed. Our linebackers, safeties and cornerbacks simply couldn’t cover any of the Bronco receivers. We saw the same type of performance against the New Orleans Saints. Drew Brees looked like he was playing a videogame. There was no pass rush. Drew Brees had his choice of receivers on almost every play. The New Orleans defense shut down the Dallas Cowboys offense. The New Orleans Saints had 40 first downs and over 625 yards in total offense. No team in NFL history had ever given up 40 first downs.

This brings me to the off-season. For the most part the Dallas Cowboys offense did okay last year. Yes, we can complain about Tony Romo again, but in my mind, he was not the problem. The statstics defend me. The statistics say that Tony Romo is not the problem. The problem with the Dallas Cowboys was their defense. Arguably, our best players on this pitiful defense were Demarcus Ware, Sean Lee and Orlando Scandrick. So, in the off-season, one would figure that the Dallas Cowboys would’ve made a huge effort to fix what was one of the worst defenses, not just in the league, but in NFL history. Nothing of substance was done. DeMarcus Ware, a defensive leader for the last several years, was allowed to go to greener pastures, the Denver Broncos. Sean Lee is out for the season with a knee injury. Orlando Scanrick has been suspended four games and will not be available until October. The Dallas Cowboys defense is going to be awful.

You do not need a fancy statistician to figure out how the season is going to go for the Dallas Cowboys. It really doesn’t matter who our defensive coordinator is. We simply do not have the players to put together a decent defense. There is simply no amount of windowdressing that is going to make this defense look good. They are going to be bad: epically bad, possibly even historically bad. I know the folks at Sports Illustrated have predicted the Cowboys will go 8-8 this season. I believe that this is a laughably optimistic prediction. If the Cowboys are lucky and catch almost every break in the book, I think they can win four games this year. More likely, I think the Dallas Cowboys will go 4-12. If the Cowboys are unlucky, it is possible for them to rival some of the worst Dallas Cowboys teams of all time. It is entirely possible for the Cowboys to win only one, or possibly zero, games this year.

It really doesn’t matter how good Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys offense can be or will be. There is a ton of talk about whether or not Tony’s back will hold out during the season. It really doesn’t matter when your defense is this bad. I think that the offense will try to control the ball most of the season in order to help the defense. So DeMarco Murray should play a huge role this year. When your defense is this bad, it simply doesn’t matter what the offense does or doesn’t do.

Look for the Dallas Cowboys to deteriorate into finger-pointing and coach firing somewhere around the middle part of the season. NFL owner and the chief reason why the Dallas Cowboys are going to be so bad this year, Jerry Jones, is going to talk about how the Dallas Cowboys are trying to do “everything possible” to win football games. The bottom line is that we simply don’t have any talent on defense. This season is going to be awful. Start taking your Prozac now.

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Errington C. Thompson, MD

Dr. Thompson is a surgeon, scholar, full-time sports fan and part-time political activist. He is active in a number of community projects and initiatives. Through medicine, he strives to improve the physical health of all he treats.


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