NFL playoffs

Who do you have this weekend?

If the Skins can slow Alexander the Skins can win. I just don’t think that will happen. If Seattle is able to get Alexander going it will be a long day for the Redskins.

The Patriots versus the Denver Broncos — the Patriots were humiliated at Denver earlier this year. The Patriots will have to stop the Denver offense. If they can create turnovers and hold the Broncos to less than 24 points the Patriots will win. Look for New England to do just about anything to tip the balance in their favor.

One of the most interesting games is the Indianapolis Colts versus the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Steelers are on a roll. They will have to run the ball effectively and keep the ball away from Peyton Manning and company. No turnovers. They must take the crowd out of the game early. On the other hand, Tony Dungey has a lot to prove.he has clearly proven that he can win in the regular season. He is yet to prove that he can win in the postseason. With the recent tragedy and the distractions of the winning streak the Colts have a lot of challenges. I look for the Colts to try to get on top early. Possibly a couple of long passes. If the Colts jump on top early, I look for them to cruise to victory.

Carolina travels to Chicago. An outdoor football game in January in Chicago. The temperature will be in the 30s but the wind will be coming off the lake to make it filled much much colder. The advantage automatically must go to the Chicago Bears. Both of these teams can play excellent defense. The big question mark is their offenses. The offense which turns the ball over the least will win.

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  1. Wow. Peyton and the gang – out! Broncos make Brady look human. Goal line interception by Brady. Wow!! Smith single handedly spanked the Bears. Shaun Alexander goes down in the first quarter and the Skins still lose. The best weekend of football in months.

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