NFL Championship playoff

The Pittsburgh Steelers at the Denver Broncos — the Steelers will bring pressure from everywhere. The key to the game is the Broncos ability to protect Jake Plummer. If Plummer again plays mistake free football, the Broncos go to the Super Bowl.

Seattle Seahawks host the Carolina Panthers — Steve Smith of the Carolina Panthers is having his way with every defense of back the last three weeks. the Seahawks defense will have to find a way to slow him down. The Panthers may not have a significant rushing game. Again, the Panthers will try to bring a significant amount of pressure on Hassellback. if the Panthers get off to a quick start it will be a long day for the Seahawks. Seattle’s defense is better than we give it credit for and their offense is more than Shaun Alexander.

Last weekend, with some of the best football we’ve seen all year. I’m looking forward to Sunday’s games.

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  1. Yuck. 2 onesided games. Panthers didn’t show up. Jake reverted back to his Cardinal days. Not worth taking up space on my TiVo with these games.

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