I love basketball.  I love when 5 guys play together to be better they could alone.  I love the fundamentals.  Crashing the boards.  Boxing out.  Hustling for loose balls.  Thinking.  Not saving the ball under your opponents basket.  Never let you opponent take you on the baseline.  I love that kind of basketball.  The NBA serves up very little of this kind of basketball until the playoffs.  The NCAA on the other hand, does from time to time serve up some great fundamental basketball.

Davidson was a truly great story this year.  If Curry could have made one more 3 pointer I think that he would have gone down as an NCAA legend.  UNC, on the other hand,  has been playing some great basketball on both ends of the court.  They are playing good team basketball.  Next weekend, I’ll have more time and I should be able to watch some more games in front of my TV.