Congratulations! Congratulations to the Arizona Cardinals. They played some football Sunday afternoon.

I have DirecTV and the NFL Sunday ticket. With this combination of wizardry, I am able to see a good portion of most of the games. I have seen the Arizona Cardinals play some solid football for the first time since early in the Buddy Ryan era. They have simply been getting after people. Now if I knew that the Arizona Cardinals were going to play good football, you’d think the Dallas Cowboys would also know this.

From the opening kickoff, it was clear who came to play. The opening kickoff was run back 93 yards for a touchdown. To my count, there were at least three missed tackles. If you are an elite team and if you plan on going deep into the playoffs, this cannot happen. The Dallas Cowboys looked as if they were sleepwalking! The Dallas defense did show some signs of life in the first half but that quickly faded.

Football is about domination. For the most part, the Arizona Cardinals dominated both sides of the line of scrimmage. More later…