Bill Moyers on Reverend Jeremiah Wright

The Reverend Jeremiah Wright has come out of hiding. His first interview was with the great Bill Moyers. Those of you that have read my blog for some time know that I love Moyers. His PBS program has been a light of reason when no one else would be reasonable.

This interview begins at the beginning, when Wright was a young man and we follow him through his development. Wright served in the Marines and Navy. He earned three letters of commandation in his four  years in the Navy. He was part of the team that operated on Lyndon Johnson. Wright was not drafted but, rather, he signed up for his time.

Following his time in the service, he became a minister and was asked to pastor at Trinity United Church of Christ. In this interview he talks about the challenges he has faced. This interview does go places that “normal” interviews will not go. Bill Moyers asks about black religious philosophy and black empowerment. Wright gives good clear answers, talking about his statements that have been flying around the internet. These answers are particularly important. There is no way that a rational human being will walk away for this interview saying that Wright is a black separatist, or that he is unpatriotic. Wright comes across as a thoughtful, intelligent, passionate black pastor who has worked hard to develop his church ministry.


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  1. Hi!
    Let’s face it, the race card has been played out. Rev. Wright is a dinosaur holding on to past transgressions.

    As people of his time (both races) die-off, so wil the fruitless bitterness that is stopping this country from completely coming together. The youth of today does not understand what he is talking about anymore.

    Let it go. Start doing something about the present. Like drugs, education, and the family unit.

  2. LB –

    Thanks for your comments.

    I think that one of the things that this interview has pointed out is that Wright is doing something about drugs, education and family. It is clear that his church is reaching out into the community with unique programs aimed at improving those issues and more.

    Thanks again.

  3. I am an Arab, and I tell you that Rev. Wright is misinforming his audience. Jeremiah Wright mocks the average American’s habit of associating Barak Obama’s name with Islam. He points out that Arabic is a language, not a religion. The media, he says, should “stop scaring people”.

    Yes, Arabic is a language, but “Hussein” is a Muslim name. According to Sharia Law (the theocratic rule of Law in any Muslim Country) since Obama’s father was a Muslim, Barak Obama is a Muslim.

    Research this, if you like: according to Sharia law, if Obama converted to Christianity later in life, he is a traitor and apostate, the punishment for which is death.

    Scary enough?

  4. According to Sharia Law (the theocratic rule of Law in any Muslim Country) since Obama’s father was a Muslim, Barak Obama is a Muslim.

    I’ll stipulate that. What country again is it in which Barak Obama is running for President?

    And riddle me this, if his mother was Jewish, according to Jewish law he’d be Jewish; so would he be Muslim and Jewish? or would it just depend upon what country he was in at any given point in time?

    Doesn’t Sharia Law also forbid usury? Should all the credit card companies expect to be arrested by all muslim nations?

  5. I see a lot of arguing about which law this, and which law that..

    its vanity really…

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