I read somewhere within the last couple of months about Jena, La. I have spent a lot of time in Monroe and Shreveport Louisiana. I have driven thru but not really stopped in most of the small towns in central Louisiana. In spite of what the papers say not much has changed in small towns in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama or Georgia. Many of those folks have lived there for generations.

Anyway, what I remember reading had to do with a tree that Whites only were allowed to sit under. I thought that was crazy but the story gets more racist and more unlawful. Please watch the video. Remember we live in America and this is the year 2007.

Democracy Now had the story about a month ago. They seem to have a nose for injustice and shines their spotlight on it.

Please write to Jena 6 Defense Committee, PO Box 2798, Jena, La 71342 or email – jena6defense@gmail.com