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As we all know, we haven’t fixed the race problem yet. It doesn’t look like we will fix that problem anytime soon. Some company out of Utah is selling an Obama sock puppet which, of course, looks like a monkey. It is at times like these when I’m sorry that we don’t have public floggings. Truly despicable.

Update: A guy from Utah posted this.


From TP:

Last month, ThinkProgress noted that a bar owner in Georgia was selling t-shirts comparing Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) to Curious George; last week, the Black Congressional Caucus Foundation received a t-shirt in the mail featuring a similar image. Continuing this racially-charged theme, a stuffed monkey toy called “The Sock Obama” has now been made available online:

TheSockObama™ is made with high quality knit materials to capture the nostalgic look of the Sock Monkey that we all know and love. Staying true to his root, he is hand stuffed with just enough filling to give him a firm, but huggable feel. The removable suit jacket offers two looks for this future President – All Business or Hands On. (more…)

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  1. Being formerly from Utah, I honestly believe that the creators didn’t intentionally mean any negative connotation in this products creation.
    That said, it does speak to the level of prejudice and ignorance instilled in the psyche of some, that they would make such an “association between a candidate and a toy we had when we were little” in such a cavalier fashion. Regardless, intentional or not, subconscious prejudice or conscious ignorance, I for one firmly believe that one cannot demand tolerance if one cannot be tolerant. So put me down for 1 order. Cute ol’ Muppet! Obama08

  2. Dear Dr. Thompson,

    I am the founder of obamasockuppet.com. Our puppet is not the Utah Obama supporter version. It’s likeness matches the good looks and visible easy charm of the man. Our message to voters is in the name and videos found on the site. Obamasockpuppet.com stands behind the message. Can you argue with that?

    Respectfully Yours,

  3. Tom Roe –

    Stick a sock in it. On your site the phrase Fits just Wright tells us everything that we need to know.

    So, yes, I can argue with that.

  4. Doctor Thompson,

    Why does that piece of satire settle the matter? Didn’t Obama have a moral duty to speak out against the hateful and often erroneous speech coming from Wright’s pulpit? I can’t imagine that you believe AIDS is an invention of the US government directed at minorities? We can all emphatize with the strong desire to remain silent when our personal interests are at stake. It takes courage to speak truth to power. Why didn’t Obama speak up? If he didn’t have that in him he could have moved on? A little something showing his disagreement would have been nice. I’ve been there myself and though flawed, done better.

  5. Why would anyone take the time to send hate mail for a stupid sock puppet? Grow up you whining Socialists. It is rather cute!

  6. TR –

    Go to a couple of Black churches. Sit in a pew. Enjoy the service. Then break out your holier than thou attitude.

    No, it wasn’t his duty to speak out. The church didn’t belong to Obama. It was Obama’s duty to worship God while he was in church that’s why he was there. It appears by all accounts that is what he did.

    There are many times that I have been in church and a pastor has said something that I didn’t agree with. (Black or White church) The concept of Hell was added to the Bible. So, did I need to stand up and argue every time a preacher says we are going to hell for this or that? NO. Even if you believe in Hell, if God truly loves you and forgives you then everyone is going to heaven as one of the Gnostic gospels preaches. So, you can stand up and argue every thing that the preacher says or sit back and worship God.

    BTW, what church does John McCain/Hillary Clinton go to? McCain has been in the public light for over 20 years and we don’t even know what church he attends. Did his pastor endorse him? Why or why not? Could that be because he doesn’t attend church regularly? Why not? Does he not believe in God?

  7. Dr. Thompson,
    Thank you for the response. Perhaps suprisingly I’ve been to a couple of black church services and they were filed with the atmosphere of worship and fellowship which you describe. No argument from me on that. I’m not certain that “The Black Church” wants to be defined and represented by Rev. Wright but then they can speak for themselves.
    I believe that you are avoiding a central issue which I cannot believe you are unaware of. I would never vote for anyone having a 20 year association with any number of objectionable groups on the far right. Never have and never will. I’m Roman Catholic so you know I don’t want to throw religious stones here. This isn’t about religion. Senator Obama could have chosen to pray anywhere or nowhere. He chose to indulge among the vilest of the vile. It’s hard to have a clean mind coming out of that after 20 years. He needs to have the conversation he’s running away from with all his might. We need a heart-to-heart to help us understand what he was thinking.

  8. PS

    I wanted to add that I’ve taken many calls from people wanting to order the Utah puppet. I explain to them that we’re not about that and that they’ve got the wrong place. True story.


  9. TR –

    As a Roman Catholic, I must ask you why didn’t you leave the RC Church? I think it maybe because of the same reason that Barack Obama didn’t leave Trinity. It is because in spite of its flaws he from God and therefore himself there.

    Thanks for the discussion.

  10. Dr. Thompson,

    Never in my long association with the Church did I witness any immoral or illegal acts from the alter. If I had I would have spoken up in opposition. That would be a very large difference. I would also add that there are many christian churches on the South Side. Senator Obama choose a particular one. Now he has denounced and renounced his own pastor of all those years. If nothing was wrong why would he feel the need to do that? The voters are being asked to accept an awfully low standard here don’t you think?

  11. TR –

    But now, in 2008, you know that the Catholic Church and been over run with problematic priests. Have you left the church? No, because you are comfortable there. You have learned or are learning how to worship. It is the same thing with Obama or any prominent person. They want to worship. they don’t want to exert undo influence in the church.

    I think that the press focus on something that has no baring on how he will govern or made decisions made him renounce and denounce his old pastor. Furthermore, I think that the spotlight messed with Wright’s brain. I think that he said something at the national press club that were crazy. He should have medicated.

    Thanks again for your thoughtful comments.

  12. Hello Dr.
    I’m afraid I cannot agree with your comparision of the RC church and Senator Obama’s attendance of 20 years at TUCC. I can go to a different RC church if the priest offends me. I can contact the Bishop with my concerns should I chose to do so. I know that what I am going to write now will read harshly but feel compelled to ask… did you give David Duke the same slack when he claimed to have left all that behind him or said he wasn’t really all that involved? If he attended a cross burning but said he was there just to worship God I wouldn’t (and didn’t) buy it. Wright BTW did a 3 shows and out tour. I don’t believe that was unscripted. Otherwise he’d be on the cable shows night and day. They would love to have him. I understand that Senator Obama’s candidacy is historic and I wish that he didn’t come with this stuff but…

  13. Again, there is no candidate that I know of how has been judged by his pastor. Hillary Clinton who was leading the charge doesn’t even have a church best that I can figure. Wouldn’t that be worse.

    My mother has attended the same church for over 30 years. She has had some good pastors and some bad pastors. Some who did the wild thing while counseling those same people on extra-martial affairs. I promise that you can’t judge a person by his pastor. You just can’t.

    I didn’t judge David Duke because I thought he was a joke. I never took him seriously. I didn’t take anything that he said seriously.

    I think you have to look at the person and the church as a whole. You have not once mentioned anything positive that Jeremiah Wright has done in his church or his community. You didn’t mention that Wright is a decorated veteran who volunteered for the Marines then the Navy. Yep, I think that many of things that he said were wrong and even over the top. Then again, I also believe that many of the things that he said and has done were fantastic. He was clearly a positive force in the Black community. When you stand back and weight the good and the bad I think that Wright has done far more good than bad. I think that he was a positive force in his church. Maybe on the whole it was everything positive that was happening in Trinity that kept Obama coming back. Then again, maybe he stayed for the same reason that my mother stayed in her church – it was home.

  14. Dear Dr. Thompson,

    We are not going to agree on this but thank you for the discussion. You are obviously a serious person who thinks through his positions and keeps an open mind. Best of luck with all of your ventures.


  15. How appropriate for Oblama. After all he does resemble a monkey as his wife is a replica of Dr. Zira from Planet of the Apes

  16. Please allow me the pleasure…
    listen jacka#$ Democrat? who posted the above. Don’t mistake hard hitting criticism of obama’s career and positions for your slimey brand of ignorant racism. Between you and obama I’ll take obama every time. I don’t like some of his friends and supporters but I don’t like you in particular.

    Here’s some free advice for you. Stay in the compound and keep a good watch out. You know ZOG is watching you.

  17. Forget the Sock Puppet! Here comes a real superhero!

    Captain Obama is the first Barack Obama Superhero Toy!

    One toy to lead them all!


    Captain Obama is a superhero with extraordinary powers and unprecedented idealism dedicated to hope, freedom, and change for the American people.

    Captain Obama fights crooked businessmen and politicians, demolishes run-down tenements, keeps a moral code of conduct and protects the American way.

    This toy has just been revealed at San Diego Comic Con 2008 and is sold exclusively at ImagineGate Toys. http://www.ImagineGate.com

  18. of course how dare anyone make fun of precious Obamessiah and his band of merry socialist tax cheats.
    there were plenty of cartoons and references to George Bush as a mokey and I’m sure you were extolling it as racist.
    You’re racist too.

  19. oh, please. you aren’t really going down that road are you?  Tax cheats? That’s your best shot. Tax cheats. It seems to me that if you pay your fine then you’re good. maybe you don’t believe in forgiveness. In my religion (Christianity) that’s important.

    Thanks for your comments.

  20. Okay, let’s go down that road.

    onkeys aside, Obama really IS a socvk puppet for corporate america. He swore he would bring all american soldiers home… after he was elected he presented his timetable: the NEXT election year!

    He has lined the pockets oh his cronies at every step, he wasn’t even formally inducted before he started showing his true ‘color’ which is not black or white but green… he’s so far proven himself the most corrupt, greediest president EVER. I mean, at least clinton only lined the mob and Tyson chicken’s pockets, Obama seems determined to line every company’s pockets and steal it from the taxpayers.

    So perhaps a monkey sock puppet seems racist, but whatever you make of it, Obama HIMSELF is nothing more than a sock puppet for big oil, the crappiest car companies in the world, and all the othjer conglomerates that own the country.

    Maybe the sock puppet should have been Obama as a greedy little Magpie. Oh wait, magpies are black right? I guess that would be considered ‘racist’ too instead of a comment about his selfishness.

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