More on the Jena 6

Anderson Cooper ran a story on the Jena 6. Unfortunately, it was very superficial. Without the detail you really can’t figure out the depth of the injustice. I’m very disappointed in CNN in general and Anderson Cooper in specific.

BTW, where’s is Jessie and Al? Why aren’t they down in Jena, La. calling Anderson Cooper or Brian Williams on the phone?

Democracy Now has a very complete report.

Update:  I do have to give a high 5 to AC 360 for covering a story that is NOT getting main stream media play.


From the Chicago Sun-Times:

…The trouble started when black students exercised their right to sit under a shade tree traditionally used by white students. In response, white students hung three “nooses” from the tree. That act — a throwback to the days when blacks were lynched for exercising their civil rights — was portrayed by school officials as a “silly prank,” and the white students got in-school suspensions.

But, while the misconduct by white students was handled as a prank, and an attack against a black student at a private party resulted in one of the attackers being charged with a misdemeanor, school officials and the LaSalle Parish District Attorney have brought out a hammer against the black students involved in the school fight. (more…)

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  1. I’ve give CNN-360 for even covering the story, it hasn’t gotten that much media attention. The NAACP, Sharpton and Jackson need to focus on THIS story and not on non-stories like Michael Vick.

  2. You’re welcome. I’m just glad you were able to decipher the gist my poorly worded comment. I should have checked it before I hit submit!

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