What an important day!! I didn’t know this but the players on each team took a vote on whether or not they would strike. Each team was going to walk out! Listen to Keith’s report. Outstanding.

I heard an interview with Jackie Robinson’s daughter earlier this week. The peak of Black’s in the MLB was 1975 if I’m not mistaken. The percentage of Blacks has fallen almost every year since then. What’s the problem? There are very few baseball diamonds in the inner city. MLB is doing very little to fix the problem. Almost every boy will get some type of baseball when he is young. By the time that he is 10 or 11 he converts to football or basketball.

MLB needs to take a proactive role if they really care about Blacks playing the sport. The NFL has leagues. Where are the baseball leagues? Not softball. Has MLB partnered with cities to create open spaces where organized baseball can be played?