Rushing out of the house, I left my computer on top of the washing machine. This makes things tough, since my computer is important. I play recorded segments and sound effects off of it… so I was in a panic. No worries. I still have a great show for you. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.

Dave called in and mentioned David Stockton. Here’s an article on David Stockton.

In the radio show, I announce my exciting new podcast contest.

Subscribe to my podcast (see the sign-up box in the right hand column) and you are entered to win an $50 gift certificate. Everyone who subscribes will be entered to win. Each Saturday night at nine (EST) all the entries for that week will be placed into a hat and one name will be drawn at random (no family or friends can enter, of course). The contest ends on December 23rd. Everyone who signed up between December 2nd and December 23rd will be entered into a final drawing. The randomly selected winner will win an iPod Nano!

I also discuss the auto industry. At one point, I get an interesting question about the whether Republicans are going to try to bust the UAW and will they try and do the same thing with nurses when we focus on health care?