The Errington Thompson Show Podcast 2/3/07

Hubris by Michael Isikoff and David Corn

(…with Rachel Maddow talking about the book Hubris. I thought I would re-post an interview that I had several years ago with one of the co-authors of that book, Michael Isikoff.)

I start off the show with a remembrance of Molly Ivins. (Molly Ivins on PBS.) She was a unique voice. I will miss her. The Texas Observer has turned their whole web site over to remembering Molly Ivins.

Tornadoes in Florida. (As you can hear, I’m still trying to get used to this new studio. I’m trying to get used to where the Mic is and where my computer is and I’m moving around. My volume is going up and down. Yuck.)

School is in. Let’s review what we know about the CIA leak case. Cheney and Libby are regularly going to the CIA to review the intelligence. He asks the CIA to follow up on this Niger claim. Joe Wilson goes to Niger. One of the things that I don’t mention on my show is that there is a reason that Joe Wilson is sent. It is not because he was Valerie Plame’s husband. He is a former ambassador to Niger. He knows the country, has contacts in the country. He understands how uranium is mined and how it is controlled by the French government. This is important. I go through the timeline of major stories on the Niger yellowcake deal and when government officials talk to reporters (I have a table here.) The New York Times has a great timeline and the Washington Post has a great one.

I have Michael Isikoff of NBC News and co-author of the great book, Hubris. (David Corn of The Nation is the other author.) Michael Isikoff is one of the reporters who is following the Libby trial very closely. Michael explains why this trial is very important. Excellent interview, if I do say so myself. 🙂

I give away an autographed copy (signed by David Corn) to Jeff!! Jeff, thanks for listening.

Paul Krugman has a great piece on Molly Ivins.

Again, I repeat arguments against “this is the last chance.” This isn’t the last time to get Iraq right. This is the last time that we are going let our president do something like a “surge”. There are tons of reasons why Operation Together Forward was Bush’s “best and last” chance.

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  1. This is a very fresh, original and interesting blog and should be considered for a featured podcast.

  2. I am so proud of what Errington has been doing. He is a real patriot — he is fighting for the USA as we know it.
    Thanks, E. for all the time you spend to help spread the truth.


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