Where did this divisiveness start?

American politics is always been a contact sport. Heck, even the founding fathers didn’t agree on many things and that’s what caused the original founding party to break up but what we’re seeing today is a little bit different. It started with Richard Nixon. He learned the art of divide and conquer. He used in California politics in the late 40s and again in the 60s. He used it to get elected to Congress in the early 50s. He was able to use the Vietnam war and patriotism to get elected president in 1968. So, I can think of no better expert to talk to than Rick Perlstein, author of the book, Nixonland. It was Nixon who taught Ronald Reagan. More correctly, Ronald Reagan learned from Richard Nixon.

I decided to post my interview with Rick Perlstein, again. It seems we needed the perspective after the elder former President Bush decided to personally attack Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow. This wouldn’t be any big deal if the President wasn’t calling for civility not five minutes before attacking them. What I find most reprehensible is not that he questioned the reporting or their delivery of their commentaries or even their shows but instead it was a personal attack. “There are a couple of sick puppies.”

I think you’ll find this interview informative and enlightening. Enjoy!

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  1. Americans have short memories. Someone definitely needs to point this out. Nixon sort of changed the whole culture.
    Nixon was part of the backlash against the Dems for the War and Cooperating on Civil Rights…and it was then that the Repubs became the Party of the South (or at least it played a big role in starting of the process). And look what that backlash got us.

    And H.W. might be losing his mind. He made no sense. Sick for pointing out facts? Please!

  2. American Politics have been pretty smooth for the last generation. 

    In early America, duels were fought, and the mud was slung pretty hard. People even took up arms in places, the biggest being the Civil War. 

    And let’s not forget the 60’s, when the Left had huge demonstartions, riots (Remember Chicago?) and even planted bombs and robbed armored cars to support their activism. Bill Ayers? Weather Underground? 

    Politics has always been a dirty business, with lives being destroyed as part of the routine. 

    Please pay attention to history.

  3. Remember that Ronald Reagan opened his 1980 campaign in Philadelphia, Ms. David Brooks tries to spin the symbolism of starting a campaign in that city. He tries to tell us that Reagan was reaching out to Blacks. He spoke at the Urban League the following day. I think if we look at the results of the election we see what really happened. Reagan won the deep south. He won the deep south against Jimmy Carter a man who was born and raised in Georgia. Enough said.

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