Capt. Ron Johnson spoke at a church service for Michael Brown and for the Brown family. There is something about a man who can stand tall and speak his mind. There is something about a man who can win over a hostile crowd by speaking the right words at the right time. Ron Johnson did that. This video is really, really worth a look.

Rick Perry has been indicted for abuse of power. I think this is very interesting. I’m not sure that it will go anywhere but it is very interesting.

It has now been over a week since Michael Brown was shot and killed by police in Ferguson, Missouri. Let’s forget the protests. Let’s forget the violence that has broken out. Let’s concentrate on the shooting of Michael Brown. I don’t want to try the police officer before there is a trial. I would like to keep an open mind, but the Ferguson police department has not disputed accounts that Michael Brown was unarmed when he was shot. It appears that Michael Brown was walking down the street and the police wanted him to walk on the sidewalk. There was a verbal exchange between the police officer in the car and Michael Brown on the street. There was some sort of scuffle. Michael Brown turned and ran. He was shot. He threw up his hands and then was shot multiple times. This is the account that I have pieced together. I’m hoping that this is 100% wrong but I don’t think that it is. The basic question is how do you shoot an unarmed man? Michael Brown was walking in the street one minute and then dead the next. How does that happen in the US?

Update: It appears that what I had pieced together was wrong. Michael Brown was not shot in the back. He was shot six times. None of the gunshot wounds were at close range. All of the shots hit him in the front of his body. 2 shots were in the head. He had four gunshot wounds in his right arm. This is all from the preliminary autopsy, performed by Dr. Michael Baden, who was hired by the family. There are two other autopsies that will be done including one by the Justice Department.

The National Guard has been called in to help restore order.