One of my life long friends, a card carrying conservative, stated during one of his rants that Obama wants Americans to live in a Nanny State. This is a Fox News induced fantasy. We know that this Nanny State is nothing but nonsense.

Here’s what I know. I need a federal government that is strong enough to protect every American’s right to vote. I know that there are powerful forces (Texas, Mississippi, North Carolina) who would rather that I shut up and sit down. As an American, it is my right to vote and it needs to be protected. We have seen elaborate plans to make me vote on the wrong day, to induce me to vote at the wrong location, to make voting very uncomfortable as I wait in long lines and, finally, really, to make my vote meaningless. These injustices need to stop. If protecting my right to vote makes America a Nanny State, so be it.

We have all read about the South Korean Airliner which crashed in San Francisco. Every time there is a near miss or a crash there is a huge federal investigation. Through rules and regulations we have made air travel safe. Planes crashes are now rare. This is a good thing. Is every rule and regulation perfect? No. These are man-made things. Nothing that we do is perfect, nor should we expected them to be.

In 2007 and 2008, we had the biggest financial crisis since the Great Depression. This was a man-made problem. Millions of Americans suffered because of the greed of a few. If we truly had a Nanny State, this could not have happened. The government would have protected us from Wall Street stupidity and re-instated Glass-Steagall. If we truly had a Nanny State, the government would have worked quickly to put every American who wanted to work back in a job, but that didn’t happen. If we had a Nanny State, individual Americans who suffered would have been made whole and the companies that caused the crisis would have made to pay for the problems they caused.

The Nanny State is this terrifying mythical creature created by Fox News. The US government is our own creation. Our government employs Americans and not Russians or aliens bent on the destruction of the United States. It is time that we stop stupid catch phrases and start finding solutions to our problems. (BTW, vouchers aren’t the solution to any of our problems!!!)

What are your thoughts?