I hope he gets killed within the first 24 hours

This was posted on the DailyKos.  I thought it was a very important post, so I’m re-posting it here.  Gail appears to be a good and thoughtful person.  Unfortunately, there are many people who are not thoughtful about politics.  They have a set of beliefs – Liberal = good, Conservative = bad or vice versa.  That is their framework to make it through the day.  Everything fits in their frame.  These people are not really going to change their minds.  There is no argument that will change their frame.  You are wasting your breath talking to these folks.

Since, I have lived in the South 90% of my life, I know what Gail is going through.  I was on the Matt Mattan Show about 6 months.  I was guest hosting and someone called in and said that all Democrats were good for was raising taxes and abortions.  Then he ended his statement with don’t ya think?  I said No and that’s it.  After a couple of seconds of silence, I said thank you for your call and I took another call.  Arguing with that knucklehead would have raised my blood pressure and we would have solved nothing.  You have to pick your battles.

Gail wasted her breath but the exchange is enlightening.

From Daily Kos: I am so mad right now I don’t know what to do.  For those unfamiliar with me, I live in a small, conservative, republican town in Georgia.  I just had a HUGE argument with my next door neighbor.  After seeing my new shiny Obama sticker on my van, she launched into an attack on me that was unprovoked and very unsettling.  She asked me why he couldn’t say the pledge of allegiance to which I replied, that is not true.  I then explained the details of various lies and smears.  She continued to bring up every smear out there from the pledge to the swearing in on the Koran.  I told her she needed to check her facts as these had all been disproved.  She then asked, “So if he is a Muslim, and did swear on a Koran, then would you still support him?”  I explained that I would support him because a person’s religion is not an important factor to me.  Which is when she said, “I hope if he gets elected, that he is shot and killed within 24 hours!”

I am not sure if any response is appropriate at this point but I tried.  I said that the statement made her a horrible person, and in my opinion, not a very good christian.  What type of person wishes anyone dead?  She replied that Bill Clinton was stupid but Barack Obama was just an idiot.  I then said something to the effect of how intelligent our current president is and she asked why?  WTF-really?  You need this explained.  I said the war and the dead soldiers were a good start.  She then asked if Sadam Hussien was a good person.  I explained, no he was a horrible person, but he had nothing to do with 9/11.  The whole time her husband was repeatedly telling her to stop.  I am not sure how it ended or why it started but I am still shaking with fury.

This is my next door neighbor and we interact frequently.  We attend each others parties and often get together.  We have always kidded and joked around about politics because I am a huge, liberal Democrat and they are conservative republicans who think Bush is a wonderful president.  It has usually been off handed remarks and quick jabs but it has NEVER been this bad.  I have no idea what to do now?

We live in a gated community and are one of maybe two or three Democrats out of 100.  Yard signs are not permitted.  So my new dilemma is how to get around this?  I have a huge dining room window and I would LOVE to have some Barack Obama Hope curtains made that you could see from the road.  Also, I am planning to put yard signs and the like in every window facing the street.  I am hosting my second Obama party this Saturday night in my home and I hope to get more ideas then.  If anyone has any suggestions I would certainly welcome them.  Thanks for letting me rant.  GO OBAMA!!!

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  1. I think the best thing to do in these situations is offer understanding and patience. It might be hard, but when people start to go off on how they feel about this that or the other, even if it offends every fiber of your being, try to appreciate that this person is revealing themselves to you. Allow them to expose themselves and stand back and observe. Give yourself and them space so that everyone has a clear view of what they are revealing. And then when it is appropriate, thank them sincerly for opening up and revealing themselves to you, smile, and continue enjoying your beautiful day.

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