After much fanfare, Sarah Palin (trade mark pending) began a bus tour of America, which was stupid from the start. What was the purpose? If she was going to whip up support then you would have figured that she would have started her tour in the deep south where she had tons of support. Instead, she decided to start her tour in the Northeast! In the liberal northeast. What was she thinking? Well, there seems to be some question as to whether Sarah has quit her tour. The fact that there is a question really says everything that you would want to know.

Update: I have a problem understanding why anyone would take former Governor Sarah Palin seriously. Does anybody understand why she left her governorship? Basically, she gave a speech announcing that she was leaving the governorship never stated why she was leaving. So, fundamentally, she quit. In my opinion, I don’t know this for a fact, it appears that she quit in order to make more money. It appears that she quit in order to be in the spotlight more because as governor of Alaska do not exactly in the national spotlight. How can you take somebody like this seriously?