CNN asks this question.  Its answer is all nice and fuzzy.   The question is much more complex than this video will go into. 

In my opinion, for a democrat in 2008 to win the election that person will have to unite the country.  Hillary is NOT a uniting figure.  There is not amount of PR that she can do to change that.  Everyone over the age of 30 already has their minds made up about Hillary.  The GOP saw to this years ago.  Either you think she is slime or you beleive that she has been slimed.  There is almost no middle ground. 

Obama may be a uniting figure.  This is why the Fox News Channel has already started to take potshots at him.  His middle name is Hussien.  This is gotten play on Fox.  The horrible slur, Half-frican, has also found a home at Fox.  In spite of this Obama continues to draw huge crowds.  (remember that crowds now do not equal crowds in November of 2008)  He is able to do something that most Democrats up until now have not been able to do – talk about religion.  Obama can talk about religion and sound credible.  This fact alone will win some of the far right Christian vote (how much isn’t clear).  He will appeal to moderate working Republicans.  The big question that will never be answered until the day of the election is will a majority of White males vote for a Black man for president?  I don’t know the answer to this question.  In order for Barack Obama to win he will need a large major of independants (male and female), somewhere in the 70% range.  He will also need, in my opinion, 30 – 40% of Republicans.  He will not win a close election.  It will have to be an overwhelming mandate. 

Can he do that?  Is America ready?