In 2010, many Tea Party candidates were swept into office. Their mandate was simple – reduce the size and influence of government. Many of those candidates decided to oppose or attack unions. We’ve seen this fight play out in Wisconsin, Indiana and Ohio, as well as other states. The fight has been a little bit different in each state, but basically the Tea Party Republicans have all worked to undermine unions in some way. On Tuesday, Ohioans are set to vote on a referendum that would reverse an Ohio state law that ending the right of unions (police, firefighters and teachers unions) to collectively bargain with the government. According to a recent poll, almost 60% of Ohioans are supportive of unions’ right to collective bargaining. We have to remember that polling does not equal voting. We also need to remember that just because Ohio voters have rejected this one issue does not necessarily mean that Ohio voters have rejected the Tea Party agenda. The big question in my mind is now what?