I missed the GOP debate last night. Like any good grandfather, I was watching X-Men: First Class with my grandson. I have watched most of the snooze-fest this morning. (CNN has everything that you ever wanted to know about this debate.) Here are a few of my observations:

Michele Bachmann, in spite of her years in the House, will self-destruct. You have to be patient and wait for it. She will say something so outlandish that it will cause almost everybody to the left of Attila the Hun to recoil. We also need to recognize that she will raise a ton of money.

Herman Cain did a terrible job of trying to explain his Muslim phobia. I don’t understand how you can say in a national forum that you’re going to actively discriminate against a group of people because of their religion. It doesn’t make sense. It is racist discrimination based on religion which really isn’t any better than discrimination based on race.

Former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty had an opportunity to stand up and back up what he’s been saying on the trail about Mitt Romney. He has been taking swipes at Mitt Romney over the health-care policy that he implemented in Massachusetts. He tried to soften his language. That was an opportunity for him to show that he was a fighter and would stand up for what he has said on the trail but he wimped out.

Mitt Romney appears to be running the same campaign he ran last time. It is kind of a variation on the George Bush campaign model. Stand tall, smile and don’t say much.

What did you think of the debate?

Update: Here’s what I was looking for. The meat of the debate – jobs and the economy.

What the heck are these guys saying? Cut taxes – we did this during the Bush administration. It didn’t help the middle class at all. Cut capital gains taxes. How does this put money in the pocket of the average American? How? We have cut capital gains twice in the last 15 years. If this magic bullet were truly magic why didn’t it prevent the crash of 2007-2008? Republicans continue to believe that cutting the capital gains taxes for the rich will increase government tax revenue but that hasn’t happened before. These Republicans are simply serving up huge helpings of Reagonomics. This is the same old drill-baby-drill that we have all heard before. The middle class didn’t benefit under Reagan/Bush I/Bush II. The Center for Budget and Policy Priorities revealed that a cut in capital gains taxes (back in 2006) would benefit the average the American by pouring a whopping $11 in his/her pocket every year. (You and a buddy can have a quarter pounder with cheese meal with the benefits of cutting the capital gains taxes.) Not one of these guys has a proposal that will help the middle class. Not one. That’s the take home message from this debate. The Republicans are more that happy to shower money on the rich but only $11 for you and me.