I know that there are some who feel that they are oh, so close to seeing the end of the Obama administration. These are the same people who thought that Mitt Romney was going to win the general election. This, of course, was in spite of overwhelming data suggesting otherwise. President Barack Obama is facing a trifecta of scandals. Let’s investigate each of the scandals separately.


Benghazi. This is the gift that keeps on giving. At long last it appears the conservatives actually have traction on this issue. Yet, there’s really nothing here. The administration initially stated that there were demonstrations before the Benghazi attack. This was wrong. The administration admitted their mistake. They came clean to the American people before the November election. Basically, an ambassador was in an extremely dangerous situation. He had an adequate security. We have a detailed report which clearly points the finger at the State Department. On top of that, we know that Secretary Clinton warned of budget cuts which could have serious ramifications. Today, the latest is that ABC News, which claimed that they had the original email trail of the talking points, really didn’t have the real trail. Jake Tapper blew the lid off of this false reporting by ABC News. (The White House has released more e-mails. We have seen these before, just in a different format.)

IRS scandal. Last night, President Obama accepted the resignation of acting IRS Commissioner Stephen Miller. I agree with the president. The IRS must be a nonpartisan organization. Those who are responsible for this craziness need to be singled out and punished.

AP news scandal. Probably, the most misunderstood scandal has to do with the Justice Department’s probe into some reporters at the Associated Press. Some people are under the impression that the government wiretapped reporters. Wrong. the Justice Department obtained phone records of reporters and editors at the Associated Press. The Justice Department did obtain a subpoena for the records and went through legal channels. The whole purpose of this was to chase down a leak. The Obama administration has been relentlessly trying to close government leaks. As CNN reported, “The story the AP says is at the center of the probe broke the news that the CIA had thwarted an al Qaeda plot to blow up a U.S.-bound jetliner around the anniversary of the killing of Osama bin Laden by American commandos. Sources later told CNN that the operative who was supposed to have carried the bomb had been inserted into al Qaeda’s Yemeni affiliate by Saudi intelligence, and that the device had been handed over to U.S. analysts.” So, as I understand it, because of this leak, it is possible that an operative in the field could have been compromised. Maybe I’m wrong. On one hand, I do believe in freedom of the press. As a matter fact, our members of our press have been lapdogs, not just to the Obama administration, but to our government in general. We haven’t seen the type of investigative reporting that we need in this country. The fourth branch of government doesn’t work. Yet, this seems to me to be a government attempt to intimidate the press. We cannot have that. The press must be free of intimidation.

Where does that leave us? To me, it seems like we are, where? In Never Never Land? Margaritaville? We are in some sort of alternative reality where some low-level government knucklehead does something and suddenly there’s a call for the resignation of the Secretary of State? The resignation of the Attorney General, Eric Holder? This is all done with the backdrop of conservatives continually stating that we need to impeach President Obama. I’m sorry this isn’t taking us to war under false pretenses. This is not the outing of a CIA officer. This is not firing a bunch of US attorneys for simply doing their jobs. Those were scandals. These are the opposite of scandals, whatever that is.