The Republican strategy to win elections is not new. The Republican strategy was first really put into play by Richard Milhouse Nixon. In the 1950s and early 1960s, the former president learned how to divide a populace and get elected. He used the classic Republican strategies: hot button topics and demonizing your opponent. While you wrap yourself in Mom, apple pie and the American flag, you paint your opponent as an outsider. Your opponent is someone who is not quite as American as you are. Your opponent represents something different. Specifically, you must attack your opponent’s strengths. You must take their strengths and make them weaknesses. Whether it is a war veteran like Max Cleland or John Kerry, the GOP painted these men as cowards and as un-American.

This brings me to Barack Obama and his birth certificate. There was plenty of evidence that Barack Obama was born United States. As a matter fact, the evidence was overwhelming. We have the fact that his “short” birth certificate was certified by the state of Hawaii. What is the incentive for Hawaii to lie? Do they get any monetary reward for saying that Barack Obama is really a citizen when he is not? Is there any significant prestige that goes with saying that the sitting president is from your state? Sure, there are some benefits, including financial grants, but is it worth it to create a whole conspiracy? I doubt it. To me, the most convincing aspect to this story was the fact that both Honolulu papers back in 1961 carried the birth announcement of Barack Hussein Obama. I just don’t know how you think you can make that up.

So, yesterday, the president of the United States released the long form of his birth certificate. Now, the controversy is over.

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No, it is not. The controversy was never about the birth certificate. The controversies are about the man himself. Remember the Republican strategy. Paint the president as someone who is somehow un-American. Paint him as someone who is less American than you and I. The long form of the birth certificate, then, will not be enough. There are several avenues of attack. The long form is not legitimate. Look at Donald “I’m a publicity whore” Trump, how he effortlessly pivoted from the birth certificate to Obama’s college and postgraduate diplomas. If President Obama was not a good student, how did he get into Harvard? “Release more information,” they cry. There will never be enough information.

Here is the take-home lesson. Republicans will never stop. They will always play their card – He is not one of us. Finally, Republicans will never admit that they’re wrong. Never.