Obama before Parliament (Updated with video)

I’ll try and get the video of our President before Parliament as soon as I can. (Found it!! See below)


In a speech to both houses of the British Parliament Wednesday, President Barack Obama declared that the trans-Atlantic alliance between America and Britain is indispensable to the goal of a more peaceful and prosperous world.

He said it will remain so even as more nations take on the responsibilities of leadership around the world.

Countries like India and Brazil actually owe their fortunes to U.S.-British leadership, Obama contended during his speech at London’s Westminster Hall on the second day of a state visit to England.

Before delving into the countries’ relationship, Obama laced the beginning of the speech with humor, saying the most recent speakers in the hall were the pope, the queen and Nelson Mandela, “which is either a very high bar or the beginning of a very funny joke.” He referred to the two countries’ early relations as “a small scrape about tea and taxes.”

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