Muslims and the US

I’m not sure why we continue to pick a group of people, a group of Americans, to single out. Whether it be Blacks, Hispanics, Irish Catholics or Muslims, we Americans have pointed to each of these groups at one time or another and said they aren’t American.

From TP:

Tonight [Ed note – last night], President Obama hosted an iftaar dinner at the White House — a feast marking the culmination of a day of fasting for practicing Muslims during the current Islamic calendar month of Ramadan. At remarks delivered at the dinner, Obama spoke out on the controversy surrounding the construction of a new Islamic center near the Ground Zero site, firmly siding in favor of the project:

OBAMA: Let me be clear: as a citizen, and as President, I believe that Muslims have the same right to practice their religion as anyone else in this country. That includes the right to build a place of worship and a community center on private property in lower Manhattan, in accordance with local laws and ordinances. This is America, and our commitment to religious freedom must be unshakeable. The principle that people of all faiths are welcome in this country, and will not be treated differently by their government, is essential to who we are. The writ of our Founders must endure.

Just to show that tolerance has no place in America Representative Peter King added:

“President Obama is wrong,” King said. “It is insensitive and uncaring for the Muslim community to build a mosque in the shadow of ground zero. While the Muslim community has the right to build the mosque they are abusing that right by needlessly offending so many people who have suffered so much.”

Even some on the Right acknowledge that the Muslim community has the right to build anywhere that they want:

Obama’s defense of the mosque has found some support on the right. Former Bush speechwriter Michael Gerson said Obama’s comments were “ultimately the right thing to do,” adding, “Obama is correct that the way to marginalize radicalism is to respect the best traditions of Islam and protect the religious liberty of Muslim Americans.”

Even on Fox News this morning, the Fox & Friends weekend hosts all agreed that Obama is performing the job that’s required of him. “Obama has to stand up for religious freedom,” said co-host Alisyn Camerota. “He has to stand up for our Constitution,” co-host Dave Briggs offered, to which co-host Clayton Morris added, “That’s the job he gets…defend the Constitution.” Watch the Video:


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  1. Hamas has issued a statement in support of the mosque. Obama spent 20 years learning at the feet of Jeremiah Wright, whose TUCC is publicly pro-Hamas. TUCC published a Hamas manifesto in their weekly church bulletin and Dr Rev Wright is (in)famous for his declaration that the 9/11 attacks were simply “America's chickens coming home to roost”.

    Would we remain silent and passive if a white supremacist organization such as today's 'new and different' KKK wanted to build a conference center next to the 16th Street Baptist Church, while assuring us of their own personal nonviolent nature, insisting it was only for 'educational' purposes?

  2. Joe-

    What r u talking about? Just because I go to church doesn't mean that Im buying everything that the preacher is selling. I know that some of the stuff my preacher says is great other stuff is crap. Do u believe everything that u hear in your house of worship?

    You are still on Jeremiah Wright? Really? Wow?

    Finally, u r going to like Hamas dictate your actions? Think of the blind squirrel, sometimes he can get a nut. Sometimes Hamas is right. Hamas is not going to dictate my actions or how I read the constitution. They had no influence on my behavior.

  3. Dr Thompson, you might well not care if you and the preacher had different opinions on what hair style is acceptable, or some peripheral issue.

    But I seriously doubt that if your preacher starting sharing from the pulpit some radical political views that you disagreed with, that you'd stay there for 20 years. Especially if you were a sitting US Senator and those radical views could have an impact on your career.

    The ONLY way you'd stay in that situation is if you were in whole-hearted agreement with the views coming from the pulpit. Why would you bring your wife there for 20 years otherwise? Why would you bring your daughters up under that teaching unless you agreed with it fully?

    We're not talking about issues of whether it's proper to go to church in bluejeans or not.

    To understand Obama's thinking, you need to understand and accept who he has allowed to shape his thinking. You dont want to acknowledge that Obama had as the spiritual authority in his life, a man who is anti-America and pro-terrorist(Hamas). But he did. You are in denial to this day, apparently.

    Dr Wright is pro-Hamas and Hamas is onboard with the NYC mosque in question.

    Obamas actions of today have their root in the philosophy that he admits (Jeremiah Wright is my mentor) shaped and guided his thinking for most of his adult life.

    Apparently we taxpayers are also already paying the bill for the imam (who apparently has some radical connections) to travel abroad and do whatever.

    I wonder if Obama would for a speaking tour for Billy Graham.

  4. again, I'll say it because I guess I wasn't clear enough the last time, there many things that preachers say in the pulpit that I don't agree with. Maybe, that wasn't clear enough either — There Are Many Things That Preachers Saying from the Pulpit That I Don't Agree with! From memory, this would include, all white people are going to hell for the sins of slavery, without tidings you can't receive blessings, without striving to be “Christlike” you cannot get into heaven (he was celibate).

    I don't care whether Reverend Jeremiah Wright French kisses Hamas or not. Reverend Wright proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that his best days were behind him. He proved that he was out for the quick buck. His thoughts, actions and words do not matter to me and they shouldn't do you. What should matter to you as the actions of the president. Has the president embraced Hamas?

    Thanks for your comments.

  5. For 20 years, Obama paid the salary of Rev Wright who embraces Hamas. If John McCain had so much as attended a single service and shook Fred Phelps' hand, you wouldn't have let it pass so easily.

    The problem isn't that you weren't clear. Your double standard is VERY clear.

  6. Oh well. I’ve held my powder on this issue. Are the anti GZ mosque folks over reacting, some are.

    But the GZ mosque defenders are also over the top. Case in point:

    ECT:” I’m not sure why we continue to pick a group of people, a group of Americans, to single out. Whether it be Blacks, Hispanics, Irish Catholics or Muslims, we Americans have pointed to each of these groups at one time or another and said they aren’t American.”

    My friend, are you serious? Have Muslims experienced anything comparable to history of Blacks in America? Or for that matter, immigrant Irish Catholics.”

    The great 911 Muslim backlash has yet to materialize. American citizens have been so sensitive towards Islam that no one will even publish cartoons of Mohammed are portray him in a toy bear costume.

    To voice opposition to a mosque near the 911 site is not to call anyone un-American and not even close to the experience of segregation or slavery or even the “No Irish or Dogs allowed” signs from the past.

    BTW, despite being asked to move one mosque a few blocks away, Moslems still experience tremendous freedom of religion compared to Saudi Arabia and even a moderate secular, Islamic country like Turkey where a Catholic bishop was recently stabbed over 20 times and killed by a recent convert to Islam.

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