Latte Salute (Update)

President Obama salut saluting the troops holding Barney in his armses a Marine as he gets off of Marine One. The president has a coffee cup in his right hand. It appears that he is buttoning his jacket with this left hand.

Ed Rogers wrote in WaPo about how Obama plans everything so reason would dictate that he must have planned the salute as a sign of disrespect. Hogwash. I have never read Ed Rogers’ stuff. I’m not going to bash him, but it appears to be his logic. Just because Obama plans and discusses and thinks doesn’t mean that every single second he is thinking about his every move. That would be very tiring if Obama thought about every single move he makes. Every foot step. Every gesture. Everything. No one could live like that.

In a way I feel sorry for Obama. He has undergone more worthless criticism than any other president. There is a whole network that is devoted to hating Obama 24/7/365. It doesn’t matter what he does. If he swims he is called an elitist. Why doesn’t he sit on the beach like everyone else. If he could walk on water, folks would complain that he couldn’t swim and he is an elitist. This is just another non-issue. Let’s move on to something more interesting.

Update: Below is Bush saluting the troops holding Barney in his arms. I’m including more than one picture to illustrate that Bush did this more than once and there was no uproar from the Right.

Bush salute with Barney

Bush salute with Barney 2

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  1. LRM I didn’t know Ed Rogers’ background. His opinion piece was a partisan piece of crap which should of never been published in WaPo but maybe the Blog Red State

    Thanks your comments

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