wilson and bushAlthough Congressman Joe Wilson apologized, he then went on multiple talkshows and really rescinded his apology. He meant what he said. So, did he actually plan this outburst? Mark Karlin, from Buzz flash.com, has a few thoughts:

Despite his impassioned and compassionate speech of Wednesday night, Barack Obama needs to understand that Joe Wilson is the disease for which democracy does not have insurance to cure.

Let me start with this fairly assured speculation: Wilson’s outburst was designed by the GOP corporate PR fronts to distract media coverage following Obama’s cogent and compelling remarks to Congress.

In the summer of our healthcare reform discontent, Wilson’s unprecedented assault on the dignity of the American presidency was part of a long-line of PR stunts to create chaos out of the effort to insure the health of most Americans: the Teabaggers, the Birthers, the Town Hall Mobs, the anti-President “Know Nothing” Parents pulling their kids from school the day before Obama’s speech, and then the shocking outburst of Joe Wilson, which he apparently shouted twice.

Never mind that Strom Thurmond’s ex-aide was actually the liar, the evolution of politics into spectacle allowed the likely planned inflammatory outburst to dominate at least the following three news cycles, instead of the substance and soaring appeal of President Obama to pass legislation to benefit the national community.

Wilson is the prototypical Neo-Confederate, Glenn Beck, racist, psychotic Republican.  He supports waving the Confederate flag. He makes Jefferson Davis, the President of the Confederacy, look like a moderate, and is known for making slanderous statements about the “patriotism” of others and upholding the racist legacy of Strom Thurmond, his mentor.

So Wilson was the perfect guy to distract the media by committing the unprecedented act of disrupting a Presidential speech by calling the President of the United States a liar.  In the Bush Administration, if a Democrat had done that he would have been expelled from Congress.  But Wilson just issued a non-apology apology and then went on television the next day to repeat the lie about the healthcare reform bill, and the media let him get away with prevaricating about his accusation.

The Republicans are brilliant at manipulating the lapdog, sensational, spectacle oriented media, and they did it again.

Mission accomplished.

That was no spontaneous outburst. Joe Wilson was likely told what to do and when to do it.

This was part of a summer of planned set-ups by corporate and GOP front PR firms.

Unfortunately, after 30 years of the GOP leading the corporate media around by a leash, the Obama White House has joined a long list of clueless Democratic leaders.

The media is the message, and Joe Wilson’s handlers used him just right to turn the President’s speech coverage into a circus.

Until the Democrats start understanding the importance of theater, emotion, and corporate ownership of the media, they are sailing upwind even though the majority of Americans are on their side on almost all progressive issues.

Until the Democrats have a media strategy and ownership epiphany, Joe Wilson is the disease for which democracy does not have insurance to cure.