Wanda Sykes gets the expected blow back (Updated)

Wanda Sykes is not known for pulling punches.  She took aim at Cheney, Limbaugh and many others on the Right and she was funny at times.  At other times, though, she missed.  That’s just Wanda.  Whoever invited her should have known that she wasn’t going to be Rich Little (who was really not funny anyway).  I’m not sure that Rich Little had been funny since the late 70s or early 80s. but that’s another story.

Wanda Sykes at the Correspondents’ Dinner, Part I:

MSNBC has a poll: Did Wanda Sykes go too far with her Limbaugh joke?  Please.  Sykes is joking.  Limbaugh, the man who played the song Barack the Magic Negro.  What was that?  It wasn’t a joke.  It wasn’t intended to be a joke.  Limbaugh goes further on every show.

I thought she was sort of funny. I always find her sort of funny but Markos had a important point to make earlier this morning.  Why is the president chillin’ with the press?  It was odd when Bush was doing it.  Even though Barack was infinitely funnier, it was still odd.  I’m not saying that the president should have awful relations with the press, but I do find this back-slapping time a little odd.

In case you care… Bill Bennett is offended. (I guess he found an opportunity to take time away from the craps table to look at the dinner.)

Update from BuzzFlash:

Oh, Rush, just shut your pie hole — you and Dick Cheney and the whole Chickenhawk wing of whiners.

So Wanda Sykes nailed you with a sardonic joke at the normally servile, dowdy (except for the landmark Stephen Colbert lashing of Bush and the D.C. media a couple years back) White House Correspondents’ Association dinner.

You avoided the Vietnam draft because of an anal cyst; you’ve been everything but convicted of illegal addiction to drugs; you’ve been discovered on a hedonist trip to the Dominican Republic (engaging in sex with women, girls or boys); and you make tens of millions of dollars with hate talk radio that thrives on phrases like “feminazis” and “Barack the Magic Negro.”

As usual, The Daily Show brilliantly mocked the faux demand of the usual winger amen chorus accusing Sykes – and Obama by association – of being politically incorrect.

Well, if you dish it out, you better be able to take it. Otherwise, you look like the bully on the playground who just got the sh*t kicked out of him by the girl with thick bottle glasses – or in this case, even more embarrassing to the GOP joke police – by a black female lesbian comic.

Wanda Sykes, as BuzzFlash noted just after the Saturday WH Correspondents’ Association dinner, made us feel like someone opened the windows on the stuffy self-aggrandizing event, which is more like a gathering of media elite insider celebrities and Hollywood celebrities. After an initial uncertainty if they should be caught being amused, even the self-protective D.C. “scribes” and executives were laughing their heads off. (The California stars loved it from the beginning. It was great stand-up, and they knew it.)

Ironically, on the morning after the dinner, the now ubiquitous Dick Cheney – his Count Dracula coffin must be lonely without him – declared that Rush Limbaugh represented the future of the Republican Party, not Colin Powell. (We could say that Dick always has had a little bit of the racist vein in him, voting against a national holiday for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and supporting the apartheid South African government, but we won’t go there for the moment.)

If Rush Limbaugh and his posse are offended by the kind of joke that is common at a “roasting,” they could always just load up on a supply of Rush’s beloved OxyContin and chill out.

God knows, we wouldn’t miss them for a moment from the airwaves.

Their absence might even lead to the return of a civilized society.

I couldn’t agree more. Conservatives were laughing with their Barack monkey dolls and singing Barack the Magic Negro. They told us it was funny. Where is their sense of humor now? They had no moral qualms about racial jokes, but they come unglued when some says that they hope Rush’s kidneys fail? Whatever.


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  1. It was a safe bet that Bill Bennett would engage in mockrage. The line of people waiting to kiss Limbaugh’s huge butt was way too long.

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