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Larry Wilmore – Jeb (!) on Black People and Free Stuff

I like Larry Wilmore. I’m not sure that I love him. His show is good, but not great.

I’m not sure why Jeb (!) has decided that all Black people want is “free stuff.” As I recall, another GOP candidate went down that road several years ago and it didn’t work out so well for him. Look, until candidates realize that they will get more votes by bringing folks together we will continue to have this type of derisive politics. Watch the whole video clip. Larry hits it out of the park.

From the Guardian:

Jeb Bush said a message of “hope and aspiration” rather than “division … and free stuff” could help Republicans double their share of votes among African Americans, in comments that drew comparisons with controversial remarks by Mitt Romney during his 2012 presidential campaign.

This time, Bush appeared to be making a subtly different argument than Romney – urging Republicans not to disregard African American voters and claiming many such voters wanted more substantial economic assistance. The use of the phrase “free stuff” nonetheless brought swift media opprobrium.

“Jeb Bush says Dems lure black voters with ‘free stuff’,” wrote CNN, while a commentator on MSNBC accused the Florida governor of suggesting “all you black people want is free stuff”.

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TDS – Benghazi, again

If you think it is 2013, you have every right to be confused. The GOP is recycling (something that they hate to do since they don’t believe in Global Warming secondary to man burning fossil fuel) their old talking points. We have the IRS scandal and we have Hillary Clinton’s “failure” in Benghazi. (Wait for there to be more “outrage” over the ATF’s fast and furious gun running operation.) There is really no new information. WE all know that Susan Rice was thrown to the wolves on the Sunday morning talk shows. We also know that she didn’t change the talking points. We know that President Obama didn’t change the talking points either.

Jon Stewart has the rest:

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The Government Shutdown

So, here’s the deal. The Republicans are upset over the Affordable Care Act. They don’t have the votes to repeal it, so they are throwing a temper tantrum. It is that simple. This is no bipartisan meltdown as some are suggesting. This is one party who hates government and hates this law andwill do anything to stop it.

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