Keith Olbermann and Sam Seder discuss what’s next. 

I’m more interested in what happened and what does it mean.  I’m convinced that if Imus would have said the exact same thing 2 years ago, no one would have said anything.  Yes, Al Sharpton and some other liberals would have been outraged but it would not have been picked up by the MSM.  What has changed in America over the last 2 years?  That is the question. 

Has America really changed?  Or is this just a little superfical but of morality and Sean Hannity, Rush limbaugh, Michael Savage and the rest will be spewing their brand of hate tomorrow.  Maybe, just maybe, we are seeing the continuing power of the blogs.  This maybe a situation in which the media plays something.  The blogs pick up the slur.  Hundreds of thousands of folks read the slur.  The MSM then picks up the story and keeps it alive.  The fuel for this cycle are the blogs.  Maybe that’s what’s different.