I posted an OpEd that Gwen Ifill wrote on Tuesday of last week. She is on Meet the Press with Tim Russert earlier today. She and Eugene Robinson ask a simple question, where was the outrage from Tim Russert or Katie Couric or Charles Gibson or Brian Williams. These are the leading journalists in the country and we, the American public, heard nothing from them. Why?  Where was Newsweek and other major magazines?  They didn’t say squat until Imus was fired.
I’ll post video of MTP later. (I’m in O’Hare airport. Not the best place to edit video.)

Update: Took me forever to get back home. High winds in Asheville (gusting to 50 – 60 mph) cancelled my connecting flight from Atlanta to Asheville. I rented a car and drove home. When I got home, the electricity was off because of downed powerlines. Still working on the video.

Update II:  I think that this MTP discussion is so good that I re-posted this post.