Imus is suspended

2 week suspension.  This isn’t just a slap on the wrist for a major radio talk show host.  I think that the action is appropriate.  The problem is that this isn’t the first time that Imus has said something that sounds (is) racist.  He can claim that he is a good man all he wants.  I don’t know his heart.  I do know his actions.  We’ll see. 



After a career of cranky insults, radio star Don Imus was fighting for his job Monday following one joke that by his own admission went “way too far.”

CBS Radio and MSNBC both said they were suspending Imus’ morning talk show for two weeks following his reference last week to members of the Rutgers women’s basketball team as “nappy-headed hos.” (more…)

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  1. I am wondering why everyone is saying how bad Don Imus is for using the slip of the tongue on the Rutgers Basketball Team. Yes he did wrong, but he came out and apologized. I feel he should still be on the air, and why doesn’t anyone tell what good Don Imus has done for children suffering from cancer and bringing them to his ranch, or helping raise money for the military hospital in San Antonio. Why couldn’t that have been brought up during the NBC National News Program by Brian Williams. I thought he was one of your friends? hummmmm??? I for one will never watch MSNBC for what they did to Don Imus. I hope he rebounds on another TV or Radio program, I will definitely be watching for that….

  2. Rob –

    Thanks for your comments.

    I think that plenty was written about Imus’ charity.  I had never heard about his charity until he decided to dis’ the Rutgers women’s basketball team.  Here are a few stories that I have found in the last couple of minutes – here, here and here.  I know that every major network included something about Imus’ good side during the scandal.  Did it get enough coverage?  It depends on who you ask.

    Thanks again for your thoughts.


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