Imus does his dance

Imus, last Wednesday, just happened to say a few things about the Rutgers women’s basketball team.  The phrase “nappy headed hos” was used.  Now, I have a radio show.  I’m not a shock jock.  I just try to inform and entertain without insulting.  This was clearly insulting.  Imus tried to apologize on Friday.  Over the weekend this story blew up.  Folks are calling on Imus to be fired.

Today Imus tries to clear the air.   Imus goes on Al Sharpton’s radio show this afternoon.

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  1. Perhaps Don Imus is redeemable. As an African American male and a part-time listener of the show, I am not surprised that Don said what he said. Will I continue to listen? I don’t know. Personally, I am tired of feeling hurt by the comments of people who could care less about my experience as black man in this country – the “disconnect” is real. But, let’s be honest, white people have said much more hurtful, hateful things and meant it.

    What Don Imus said was wrong, but black people should show as much outrage about how we treat each other. Too many black people believe that it’s cool to put one another down in music videos. Sadly, we continue to kill one another in our own communities.

    Yes, let’s hold his feet to the fire, but we must stop demeaning each other – making it more meaningful when we complain about something some white person said.

  2. T –
    Thanks for your comments.

    You know that you have broken the unwritten rule. Black folks are not suppose to criticize Black folk outside the community. You know the game. 🙂 You are 100% correct. Imus thought he was being funny. He thought he was being hip. He’s too old to be hip.

    If Black folk demand respect from each other then we will get respect from White folk, too.

    Thanks, again for your comments.

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