David Broder is the elder statesman of the political pundits and has been doing for over four decades. He is in essence not just a Washington reporter, but the Washington reporter. So what he writes really reflects the thoughts and feeling of the mainstream media. Broder has a column in tomorrow’s Washington Post (available now on-line), on a potential match in the Delaware Senate race. Why do we care? Broder tells us why we should care, “As Democrats from Connecticut to Colorado struggle to hold on to their filibuster-proof 60-seat margin…”

I love when pundits talk about the Democratic 60 seat majority as a voting block in the Senate. It just proves that they believe that we, the American people, are all watching the latest with Jon and Kate. (BTW, did you know that Jon is being sued? TLC is suing him for being a moron. Seriously.) Anyone who is following politics even just a little bit would know that Democrats have almost never voted as a block on any major issue. Harry Reid and other Democratic leaders in the Senate are trying to figure out how to get the health care bill through the Senate without a filibuster. They are facing the same problem that they have had since January: all Democrats don’t think or act alike. This is the Big Tent Party. We have Blue Dogs, environmental guys and military folks. We have mainstream capitalists and those folks who believe the state should provide a free education to everyone. What world is Broder living in? The Democratic party has always been this way. It was Democrats that gave President Carter the most trouble.

Finally, I don’t know what polls Broder is looking at but he states that “The early polls on a possible Castle-Biden race give the Republican double-digit leads.” Sweet. Just a couple of points. First, I don’t think that Beau Biden (30 years younger than Mike Castle) has announced that he is running. Beau Biden (son of Vice President Joe Biden) has a great family name and has been attorney general. Also, Biden has been deployed to Iraq with the Delaware National Guard. The latest poll that I can find shows Castle-Biden in a statistically even race (46-45).