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Seriously. What the hell? Since the moment I first started blogging on Trayvon Martin, I have asked for cooler heads to prevail. All I want is justice to be done. I want a thorough investigation. I would like for somebody to tell me why George Zimmerman was not arrested and placed behind bars on the night of the shooting.

We’re getting more and more extraneous information having little or nothing to do with the events on that fateful night. The fact that George Zimmerman was required to take anger management classes is pertinent. How can someone who is required to take anger management classes have a gun? Well, I know the answer. We’re talking about Florida. We are talking about the deep South. Basically, in the South, you get arrested and thrown behind bars if you don’t have a gun.

Several days ago, Spike Lee in a paroxysm of immense stupidity decided to post George Zimmerman’s address in his twitter feed. I understand that many of us get very upset and angered over this incident but we cannot allow vigilante justice to take root. We need the system that we have to work. If the system doesn’t work then we need to change it. It is that simple. Spike Lee, owning up to his mistake, (turns out he gave out the wrong address) has admitted responsibility and has settled with the family. The New Black Panthers have placed a bounty on George Zimmerman’s head. My goodness. I just don’t see how that’s helpful.

Pundits, pontificators and general knuckleheads have all come out of the wall like a scene in one of those zombie movies. They all have something to say about this case. This includes Ann Coulter. She decided to show her face on the Laura Ingram Show just to spew her own particular brand of hate. We need more investigating and less prognosticating.