Karl, Karl, Karl. I find it funny that the world’s most political guy in the world is arguing that the Congress is playing politics. (When he says Congress he means Democrats.) Yep, the US attorneys can be hired and fired by the president. Here’s the problem, your administration has lied on a number of occasions about these firings. Alberto Gonzales stated that new appointments would go thru the Senate but that wasn’t true. The administration had no intention of going to the Senate to confirm these appointments. Secondly, the administration said that these US attorneys were not fired for political reasons. These attorneys had problems or issues. Well, their official evaluations revealed no problems. The released e-mails clearly reveal that these attorneys were singled out because of politics. So, the problem isn’t that these guys were replaced. The problem is the constant lying or the truthiness, if you will, to the American public.

Patrick Leahy is looking for Karl.