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A couple of days ago, I wrote a post in which I accused the media of focusing on some assistant coach that most of us had never heard of it having been accused of child molestation. Foolishly, I thought that this was an isolated case in which a disturbed man was responsible for an isolated act. I was wrong. As more more allegations and details pour out of Penn State, it is clear that something was really wrong. It is clear that Joe Paterno knew about the allegations but did the least instead of the most to protect children. It is also clear that several other people knew that assistant coach Jerry Sandusky molested children (this link is the grand jury indictment) and they did nothing to protect the children.

Last night, the president of Penn State University was fired. Last night, the Board of Trustees did the only thing that they could have possibly done to try to right so many wrongs and fired legendary coach Joe Paterno. It is a sad ending to an illustrious career. Now Penn State and the people of Pennsylvania need to figure out how this happened and what we can do to prevent it from happening ever again. In my opinion, Joe Paterno needs to personally set up a fund to help the eight boys who’d been sexually assaulted over a 15-year period. The Board of Trustees did the right thing, the only thing.

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  1. I agree with you 100%.  And I am also asking “where is the outrage?”  If facebook posts are any indication, no one else seems to be disturbed by this.

  2. College football stinks with scandal that is yet uncovered.  Only the very naive would think the Fiesta Bowl scandal was unique.  Mountains of money have polluted this and this Penn State fiasco is related to the protect football no matter what philosophy. 

  3. Maybe I am different but I hold the assistant coach who witnessed this responsible for not contacting the police. He is still staffed there is he not?

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