Alberto Gonzales is to _____ as Scooter Libby is to Cheney. I’ll give you a second…. The answer is??? Alberto Gonzales is to President Bush as Scooter is to VP Cheney. This is my opinion but look at the evidence. When Bush wanted to be more aggressive with terrorists, who played twister and wrote a paper to support his position. Alberto. When Bush wanted to listen in on any telephone call that he wanted who sold that bag of dung to Congress. Alberto. When Bush was ramrodding the Patriot Act through Congress a second time and sneaking in small provisions who did Bush call on? Alberto. So, we the Patriot Act was abused, Alberto should take the fall. He sold it. Also, he was the one who fired the US attorneys.

4 months ago, I would have told you that there was no way that AG was going anywhere. But if Bush can get rid of Rummy he can get rid of anybody.