There have been some GREAT entries. I appreciate all of the enthusiasm. Keep those comments coming. Deadline for entry is midnight tomorrow night.

See Update Below –

You only need to supply 2 answers to these 2 questions. There is no bridge of death. You can enter as many times as you want.

If Hillary Clinton wins the democratic nomination who would be her best running mate and why? Part 2 – If Barack Obama wins the nomination who would his best running mate and why?

Please post your thoughts in the comment section. If I pick your comment as the winner, you will receive a $100 gift certificate to If I pick your comment as second place you will receive a $50 gift certificate. If you are third place, I’ll mention you in a post. What do you want, I’m shelling out of my own pocket? 😉

I will admit that my choice will be subjective. None of my long time (more that an hour or so) friends can enter. If you won my last contest, you will need to wait for 6 months before re-entering a Where’s the Outrage? contest. Entries will be closed on February 15, 2008 @ midnight (EST). Winners will be announced by February 18, 2008.

Update: There have been some GREAT answers to this question. There are a couple of things that I would mention. Usually, a running mate is chosen because he or she can carry a very important state. He or she balances the ticket. Keep those comments coming.

Update II: Comments are closed. I’ll announce the winners no later than Monday, February 18th. Thanks to everyone who commented. I really appreciate it. Quickly reviewing the comments, most were very thoughtful. Some were funny. Some were out in left field. No one suggested that Hillary Clinton chose David Schuster or Chris Matthews. I appreciate you holding those back. No one suggested Bill O’Reilly for Barack Obama. I look forward to announcing the winners soon.