Rosie on da' Donald

Tara Conner was given a second change by da Donald.  Personally, I really didn’t care.  I think that Rosie is completely right.  Donald is a media hound.  He loves to be in the spotlight.  Donald ain’t a moral authority and it ain’t 1955.  A 20 yo adult single female who is drop dead goregous should be doing what in the Donald’s mind?  Studying Shakespeare?  Studying to be his private secretary? 

Here’s a clip of Rosie on The View telling it like it is.  I cut off Donald Trump’s air time just because he is an egomaniac who doesn’t need time on my blog.  I know, I should be fair and I should.  But he gets on my nerves too.

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  1. Donald Trump is DESPICABLE!!! The man cannot stand being criticized, especially by a woman. When will he learn that being a public figure (which he SOOOO actively courts) means having to take criticisim.

    I’m no fan of Rosie, but she had a point in her remarks about Trump not being a “moral compass”.

    First of all, the man should NOT criticize anyone’s looks. Does he never look in a mirror? And in spite of his so called “billions”, there is not enough money in the world to attract me and many other women to him.

    I’m so sick of listening to him boast about his money, but then that’s all he has going for him.

    Then there is a man like Bill Gates (who could buy and sell Trump). The only time you hear of him in the press is when he gives money to needy causes.

    Trump should listen to Gates and LEARN!

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