For nearly 25 years, I have been buying computers. I have been trying to buy the high-end computer so that I can use it for 18 – 24 months because I become frustrated with its being slow and I have to buy another one. If you are trying to get the almost-latest technology you have to spend about three grand. It has been this way since the mid-’90s. Computers have changed. Programs have changed but the price points haven’t. And that brings me to my latest pet peeve.

dell xps 18

I was wandering around one of those computer stores and I saw the Dell XPS 18. Now, most of the computers in these large stores are overpriced low-end computers. I liked the design of this Dell XPS 18. I liked the size. i was thinking about buying it. It looked like something that you could keep in the family room. You could do some work on it or play on it while you were watching TV or listening to music. Cool. I was kinda thrown by the price. $900. This is nothing more than a big tablet and Dell wanted significantly more money, but it seemed to be a real computer. It runs Windows 8. But I looked again and saw the Intel i3 processor. What the heck? That’s Intel’s slowest processor. You really can’t do work. If you have Outlook and three or four email addresses tied to it, the i3 processor would grind to a halt. Sure, you could surf the internet, but don’t have too many windows open with 4 GB of memory. So, if you upgrade the processor and the RAM Dell is asking for $1500!

Sigh. (I didn’t buy the XPS 18.)

Oh, and if you are looking for after Christmas sales, you are out of luck. I haven’t seen any from HP/Dell or Apple.