Boy Scout Found

I usually wouldn’t post something like this but I thought that the Dad was extraordinary.  He kept the focus of the press on the matter at hand.  Not how he was holding up.  Not how he and his wife were dealing this tragedy/situation.  He kept the focus on his son.  He was also given a chance to bash the Boy Scouts.  He didn’t.


Finally, the boy was found.  Here’s the rest of the story

A 12-year-old Boy Scout whose favorite book was about a youngster lost in the wilderness now has his own harrowing survival tale to tell after rescuers found him Tuesday, dehydrated and disoriented from four days in the wooded mountains of North Carolina.

A rescue dog picked up Michael Auberry’s scent less than a mile from the campsite where he had wandered away from his troop Saturday. The boy’s father speculated that he was simply homesick and wanted to hitchhike home. The disappearance touched off an intensive search involving bloodhounds, heat-seeking helicopters and dozens of volunteers on foot. (more…)

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  1. He was an inspiration to other parents whose kids get lost. We lost 2 scouts in our mountains in the last few years. One was never found and the other was found 5 miles away from camp. There is something in the spirit of 12 year old boys. All 3 were the same age. My own son did the same thing wandered away on an adventure and had the troop looking for him for 3 hours. I guess they think they can handle the situation. I am so glad they found him okay!

    Thank you for putting an upbeat story on your website.

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