One of my favorite holiday movies of all time.  Sure the plan is retarded.  You did what because you overheard part of a conversation?  Woman, please.  In spite of this I love this movie.  I use to watch this every year with my family.  Back in the day, before DVD’s and VHS, White Christmas came on every year.  We watched it every year.  As we (my sibs and I) got older the best part of the movie wasn’t the movie at all but instead it was our parents watching the movie.  Every year there was “the Conversation”.  It always revolved around Vera Ellen.  Didn’t she die of a drug overdose?  I’m not sure.  She was in West Side Story.  No that was this guy.  Which guy?  This one (George Chakis – does some great dancing in Mandy .  I dont’ think that he even is in the credits for White Christmas but my parents who pick him out every year.)   The conversation was about the same every year.  In the old days, we just smiled.  About 7 – 10 years ago, we were all watching White Christmas and waiting.  Then my father started on cue.  I had my laptop and as they asked questions, I answered them.  We actually got the answers.  That was okay because by the following year everyone had forgotten.

This is what Christmas is also about.  It is about family.  Being together and enjoying the things that make us a family and at the same time enjoying things that make us different.  I hope that you have some time to spend with family this Christmas season.   (oh, Holiday Inn is a better movie with some of the same songs as White Christmas.  I watch it from time to time but it isn’t a part of our holiday tradition.)