This evening I attended the Texas Rangers/Houston Astros game in Houston.

In the first inning the man sitting next to me coughed in my direction without covering his mouth. In my mind I was thinking, “Get your smallpox self out of my face.” However, I remained calm on the outside.

How hard is it to cover your mouth when you cough?

The best play of the game was made by a vendor selling bottled water for $3.75. Customers would hand the young man $4.00 and he would tell them he was out of quarters when they wanted the change back. Ha! I hope he made a few extra bucks tonight.

Slugger Sammy Sosa plays for the Texas Rangers. Sosa is close to becoming the fifth player ever to hit 600 home runs. When Sosa came to bat, people would boo and yell about steroids. I wonder how many of the people booing were hooked on prescription drugs, illegal drugs, booze, caffeine, sugar, food in general and porn?

My wife is out of town and I went to the game alone. I brought a book because you can get a lot of reading done in the time between half-innings. All time has value.