I know my news update is late but, I’m going to use the excuse I always use… I’m a trauma surgeon.

  • Dell computers has been found guilty of fraud, false advertising, deceptive business practices, and abusive debt collection practices. The lawsuit was brought by the New York Attorney General. It appears that several customers bought on-site service and never got that on-site service. On a personal note, this is just extremely sad. Over 10 years ago, I switched from Gateway computers to Dell computers because of service. I remember having to wake up and call Gateway at two or three in the morning in order to get somebody on the phone. For over five or six years there was no problem getting anyone on the phone at Dell and they were always happy to help. I guess Dell is following a trend that we’ve seen all over the country where service is a four letter word.
  • Eugene Robinson, from the Washington Post, has a few words to say about Senator Hillary Clinton’s assassination reference. He believes that this maybe an ugly window into her soul. I hope not. Let’s use the sleep deprivation argument again. I would like to say that he has the last word, but I’m sure more people will write about this incident. I guess, in final analysis, Clinton has become a caricature of the Democratic party. She is still in a race that was over two months ago when everybody knew the math was not in her favor. Yet she still soldiered on, like Don Quixote. Why? To what end? Rachel Maddow, from Air America, had an interesting article in the Huffington Post. She argues that Clinton should take her case through the Rules and Regulations Committee, then the Credentials Committee, and then to the floor of the Democratic National Convention. Another article in the Washington Post suggests that Clinton doesn’t really have a path to victory.
  • The Supreme Court upheld workers rights! Surprise! This decision involved two cases about workplace retaliation. The ridiculously conservative Supreme Court ruled in favor of workers. I’m pleased, but flabbergasted.
  • Is tagging the same thing as vandalism? One hundred and fifty thousand dollars for the damage isn’t tagging, its vandalism. I’m glad they caught this guy. The joke was over $149,000 ago.
  • The suffering in China continues. Huge aftershocks reportedly destroyed over 400 thousand houses. Was that an aftershock or a separate quake? Are we seeing some new type of seismic activity in China that we haven’t seen recently? It appears that this earthquake has this been going on and on and on for weeks. Death tolls is well over 60 thousand!