Tuesday News Roundup

  • I was surprised at how nice it was to see Keith Olbermann back on TV.
  • It is time that we honestly assess our obsession with pro sports. With state, local and federal agencies trying to cut back because Americans simply don’t want to pay more, why is Los Angeles looking for pro football team? Pro football even in the largest markets requires subsidies, huge subsidies, from the taxpayer. Their single largest expense is not their egotistical quarterback or their prized wide receiver. It’s their stadium. If we, the taxpayers, have to pay for the stadium then why don’t we get an opportunity to make some decisions on personnel and coaches and the direction of the team? Don’t get me wrong, I love football and basketball and tennis and golf, but if you’re going to aske me to shell out money for a stadium, then I should have a say in the team.

  • Rory McElroy put the pedal to the metal and got an early lead at the U.S. Open. By Saturday, it was clear that he was going to win if he did not have another Masters-like meltdown. He did not. He rose to the occasion and cruised to victory. His meltdown at the Masters was really hard to watch. I am happy that he was able to get his mental game together. If he can avoid injuries, if he can keep his mind right, this young man has an opportunity to dominate golf for years to come.
  • Finally, continuing on the topic of sports, Serena Williams has made a comeback at Wimbledon. She hasn’t played competitive tennis for almost a year. She won her first match, but it wasn’t easy. It is probably time to say that Serena is the best female tennis player of all time.
  • A little bit more on Clarence Thomas. Justice Thomas seems to have some ethical problems. I have a problem with his wife involved with a Tea Party organization and a lobbying firm. Unless somehow she can prove that money given to her lobbying firm does not flow to her husband, this seems to be a conflict of interest. This whole thing just seems to smell funny.
  • The fact that 93% of all top congressional staffers are white males is not really news. It proves that the more things change…
  • In Libya, NATO bombs have gone astray, again. What is our goal here? To save innocent civilians?

  • 18 months ago, I was standing in Athens with my wife. It was an incredibly peaceful, warm and inviting place. Now there are huge demonstrations as Greece is being asked by the European Union to tighten their belt.
  • Suicide bomber kills 27 in southern Iraq. Six soldiers were killed two weeks ago in a rocket attack.
  • In an announcement later on today, it is expected that President Barack Obama will announce that we’re pulling out of Afghanistan. I just wonder if this is going to be one of those symbolic pullouts or we really going to get all the troops out.
  • We don’t need any new warnings on cigarette labels. This isn’t 1975. We all know the problems with smoking. Having pictures of some guy struggling to breathe in a facemask is not gonna stop people who smoke from smoking. Instead, we need for people who smoke to pay higher premiums because of their higher incidence of heart disease and pulmonary insufficiency. If cigarettes are going to be legal in this country, we’ve done all we need to do to inform the public of the dangers of smoking.
  • Senator John McCain blames the huge Arizona fires on illegal immigrants. Now, it is true that we need to control our border. We need to know who’s coming and going in order for all of us to be safe. It is also true that there’s absolutely no evidence that illegal immigrants had anything to do with this huge, devastating fire. All I can do is shake my head. The senator knows better.
  • Jon Huntsman has announced that he is running for president. In my opinion, several of these people, GOP candidates for president, are running now to set up a “real run” in 2016.

0 Responses

  1. Huntsman USED to believe in Single Payer Healthcare, global Warming with cap and trade, civil unions. 

  2. With Clarence Thomas if they were to connect him to misdealings is there anything to do to remove a justice?

  3. McCain may have early dementia, or not so early but he has declined on sanity issues.  He got a lot of cheers for his “build the dang fence” from the  right and probably thought he’d get more with his fire comment.  Guess he found out there are still some normal people in the country.

    I can say this as a constituent.  He does NOT even try to represent Arizona.  If he did he’d be pushing immigration reform every day.  He doesn’t respond to most letters from constituents.  Kyl does, although I rarely agree with him, at least he puts up the illusion of representation.  McCain is only about McCain.

  4. of course he would be. The politics of Clarence Thomas is as strong today as it was back in the 1980s. If you had a Republican president nominating a black man, a staunch conservative, although Republicans would stand up and defend him and several Democrats, including the blue dog Democrats, would vote for him. Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t think he was ever qualified to be on the bench. I think that he has done nothing to distinguish himself while on the bench. I think that he’s done nothing to justify the fact that he was selected to be on the bench.

    I appreciate your comments.

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