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Remember Lebanon

Remember when the Bush Administration convinced Israel to invade Lebanon and root out Hezbollah? Remember the destruction? Well, even though Israel is still reassessing the battle, Hezbollah still stands and the Lebanese government is still barely hanging on. Fighting continues.

Update: This post was somewhat confusing because the fighting in Lebanon is confusing. Eliedh posted a comment and straighten me out. Yes, Hezbollah is still there but the fighting is now between some terrorist group (Fatah affiliated fighters) and the Lebanese government.

From NYT:

Families of Islamic fighters left a besieged Palestinian refugee camp on Friday after the militants and the Lebanese army agreed to the evacuation, according to a Muslim clergyman mediating between the two sides.

The evacuation of the 25 women and 38 children — mostly relatives of Fatah Islam fighters caught inside the Nahr el-Bared camp for three months — clears the way for a possible final military assault to eradicate the remaining militants inside.

Only fighters, now estimated at about 70, remain in a small area deep inside the camp near the coast. (more…)

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American diplomacy – Beirut

I’m not sure how we could have screwed this up any more.  The uneasy peace was lasting between Lebanon and Israel.  Then we told them that kicking some tail in Lebanon would be a cake walk (It is Lebanon not Iran.  Nothing.)  Well, it was anything but a cakewalk.  The violence has only stopped long enough in the last year or so to bury the dead and re-load the rocket launchers. 


From NYT:

A powerful bomb exploded at a popular seaside club here on Wednesday, killing a prominent lawmaker and nine other people. It was the deadliest in a string of recent explosions that have rattled this city and shaken its fragile sense of stability.

The bomb, which security authorities say they believe was hidden inside a parked car, exploded as Walid Eido, a Sunni member of Parliament and an outspoken critic of Syria, drove by. He was killed instantly, along with his son and two bodyguards, and six passers-by.

The blast occurred near a crowded amusement park along the Mediterranean; it destroyed an adjacent building and shattered windows nearby at a time when sunbathers and swimmers were returning home from a day at the beach. (more…)

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